Our Story

Echo1612 is the industry leader in sideline replay solutions. Echo has developed a sideline replay system that utilizes the HD cameras that teams are already filming their games with to transmit those plays to booth and sideline coaches. This allows coaches to view plays from their iPads within seconds so they can provide visual aid to their players and make real-time adjustments. This is all done without an internet connection or costly data plans.

Our system was made by coaches for coaches - the coaching staff that helped build echo have over 100 years of coaching experience. The echo system has been through extensive testing and was continuously developed for a full season before even being offered for sale. This means echo was built thoroughly with a strong working knowledge of the game and has a very intuitive feel in a coach’s hands.

Echo is the leading sideline replay system in the country and is currently being used by numerous athletic programs across the country helping coaches and players be more effective every single down! Sideline replay has been legal for the high school game for three seasons now and echo was the very first sideline replay company to market. The echo software has been used in high school stadiums big and small and it has even been successfully used in major college and professional stadiums for the last three seasons!

We provide added value to the game by providing coaches the ability to present a visual aid to their players on the field. Coaches no longer need to wait until the game is over to show their players their mistakes on game film. Echo is providing coaches the ultimate competitive advantage when it matters most!